Thursday, May 3 2018

Thursday, May 3 2018

Donato Renzetti conductor
Francesca Dego violin

WOLF-FERRARI Violin Concerto Op.26
ČAJKOVSKIJ Symphony No.1 Op.13 Winter Daydreams

Donato Renzetti returns to the podium of the ORT. He has been a conductor since the mid 1980s. He is now among the most esteemed conductors in the world, especially for melodrama. With him Francesca Dego, who left the school of Salvatore Accardo, at this time among the most talked about Italian violinists. This program consists of Sinfonia n.1 by Čajkovskij entitled Sogni d’inverno and Concerto per violino by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari. The Symphony, written between 1866 and 1874, is infused with authentic Russian spirit. Each movement has the expressive fullness of a painting. The first represents a journey made between snowy slopes where the stars’ light reflect. The second piece shows the earthy side of the landscape, and the third reflects a waltz of skaters and the last quotes are popular songs. The Concerto, written in the 1930s by a composer hanging between Italian and German culture, is both tender and passionate, witty and transparent.


Poggibonsi, Teatro Politeama
Wednesday, May 2 2018 at 9:00 PM

Florence, Teatro Verdi
Thursday, May 3 2018 at 9:00 PM > BUY TICKET
concert broadcast in deferred on Rete Toscana Classica

Verona, Teatro Ristori
Friday, May 4 2018 at 8.30 PM