Play it! ... Extra


This September PLAY IT! presents "Extra"
16th, 23rd, 30th September
at Florence's Teatro Verdi

The prestigious show returns, dedicated to contemporary music with a twist. A glimpse beyond national boundaries, drawing on philosophy and spirituality in the pursuit of openness. And a presentation of ORT’s new recording for Sony Classical.
This September, ORT’s summer season closes with a special edition of Play It!, known as ‘Extra.’ Consisting of 3 concerts over 3 weeks, it is dedicated to composers who have realised their work through reflection and spirituality, aiming for openness.
This year, the repertoire seeks to transcend national boundaries, incorporating the work of both contemporary Italian composers and those from abroad. The concert on 30th September will also see an official preview of ORT’s new CD, directed by Daniele Rustoni and produced by Sony Classical. It is dedicated to Giorgio Federico Ghedini, and is the first in an upcoming trilogy over the next few years, with Petrassi and Casella as the other titles.
The 2016 edition of Play It! sees a new addition – which we call ‘Extra’. We have selected composers whose music stands out as particularly expressive and communicative. In an important development, this is the first edition of Play It! in which the key composers are not only Italian; we have looked beyond national confines. We see this decision as a reflection of the time in which we live, with increasing overlap between different demographics. After 4 years of focusing on Italian productions, we’ve decided to follow Pope Francis’s message from the Jubilee of Mercy – and to explore beautiful, expressive music that originates from artistic traditions that differ from our own. We turn our attention to eastern Europe, with the music of Vasks, Mansurian, Kanchelli and Pärt.
To give even ‘extra’ in this historic edition, on the evenings of the 16th and 23rd September, a preliminary section will be dedicated to ancient choral music, in which Gregorian chants will be performed by the Coro Viri Galilei (see These derive from an ancient mode of voices and chants, and serve as a musical entrée for the repertoire that follows. Despite their considerable age, the music connects effortlessly with the present on an emotional level, uniting two vastly different eras.
The third evening (30th September) has been canceled. The preview of the Orchestra della Toscana’s new recording is postponed to October on a date to be determined. Directed by Daniele Rustioni, and produced by Sony Classical, it is dedicated to Giorgio Federico Ghedini. The tracklist will preview Appunti per un credo, (which will be performed in the concert), Nocturne, Studi per un affresco di battaglia, and Sonata for Flute and Strings. It is the first in an upcoming trilogy, which will see Goffredo Petrassi and Alfredo Casella as the other protagonists (planned for release in 2017 and 2018 respectively).


Friday 16th September at 9:00 pm > BUY TICKET

VASKS Musica dolorosa
MANSURIAN Three Arias. Sung out the window facing Mount Ararat, per viola e orchestra (2009)
KANCHELI Morning Prayers, per orchestra da camera e nastro (1990)
FABIO MAESTRI conductor | Stefano Zanobini viola
con la partecipazione del coro Viri Galilaei  | choir conductor Enzo Ventroni

Friday 23rd September at 9:00 pm > BUY TICKET

PÄRT Cantus in memoriam of Benjamin Britten (1976)
PÄRT Tabula rasa, concerto doppio per due violini, archi e pianoforte preparato (1977)
PÄRT Fratres, per orchestra da camera (1991)
PÄRT Orient & Occident (2000)
TONINO BATTISTA conductor | Daniele Giorgi, Chiara Morandi violins
con la partecipazione del coro Viri Galilaei  | choir conductor Enzo Ventroni

Friday 30th September at 9:00 pm > CONCERT CANCELED

TERRANOVA Stasis in Darkness. Then the Blue (2013-14)
GHEDINI Appunti per un credo (1961)
RAVERA L'impeto come acqua sgorga (2013)
PETRASSI Secondo concerto (1951)
Info Tickets: only place to sit € 10.00 (including booking fee)
Subscription to the three concerts € 20.00 (including booking fee)
on sale at the ticket office of the Teatro Verdi | On line su
2016, 28th September