"Everyone at Theater Verdi" 2017/2018


tra Viole, Violini e altri Fiori dell'Orchestra

The most fascinating show for little ones is coming back at ORT. It will introduce them to know stringed instruments  by disclosing stories, secrets and the functions of violin, viola, cello and double bass. At Teatro Verdi with Gregorio Mazzarese, we will listen to the famous "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, interspersed by pieces of  Rimskij Korsakov, Schumann, J.Strauss, J.S.Bach and Britten, to conclude with "Cartoons Fantasy", an overviwe about the most famous soundtracks loved by the young and young at heart audience.
between Violas, Violins and others Orchestra's Flowers
with Gregorio Mazzarese
piano and conductor Simone Genuini
animator Chiara Foletto (violin and viola)
Orchestra della Toscana
From 4 to 12 years - Lasting about 50 minutes
Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 4.30 pm
Saturday Shows for children, teenagers and families
tickets from € 5,00 to € 8,00

BUSTRIC e la Musica del Libro della Giungla

This is not the Disney cartoon made in 1967 set to music by Sherman Brothers: this is the famous musical score by Miklos Rozsa, the hungarian composer naturalized United States citizen who signed the first "The Jungle Book", movie by Z. Korda in 1942. Sergio Bini, in art Bustric, will be Mowgli on stage, but he will wear also the clothes of the other characters, bringing alive all the inhabitants of the woodland.
BUSTRIC and The Jungle Book's Music
"The Jungle Book" suite for narrator and orchestra (1942)
music by Miklos Rozsa
scenic design and direction by Bustric
Orchestra della Toscana
From 4 to 12 years - Lasting about 50 minutes
Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 4.30 pm
Saturday Shows for children, teenagers and families
tickets from € 5,00 to € 8,00
fagiolo 2


ll Fagiolo Magico (The Magic Bean) is the elaboration of the famous popular english tale Jack and the Beanstalk, that talks about the stories of Giacomino and of the bad Ogre, famous for his phrase «Ucci, ucci, sento odor di cristianucci» (in english "Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of an English man: Be he alive, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread"). From this tale, the author Dania Morini and the composers Alessandro Moro and Giacomo Riggi have created a very engaging play with children as lead characters and as spectators of a project made for them, to give them the possibility to speak in different languages, in art (singing and acting) and in practice (production, lights and communication).
Show in single act for solo, chorus, reciting voices and orchestra
text by Dania Morini
music by Alessandro Moro and Giacomo Riggi
conductor Carlomoreno Volpini
Orchestra della Toscana
with the partecipation of the Liceo Dante's students
production by Fondazione ORT
From 4 to 12 years - Lasting about 50 minutes
Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 4.30 pm
Saturday Shows for children, teenagers and families
tickets from € 5,00 to € 8,00
Tickets can be purchased at the Theatre Verdi Boxoffice or online www.teatroverdionline.it
Is not provided telephone reservation

Fondazione CRF 25

  • Alessandro Franconi - viola

    Alessandro Franconi - viola

  • Alessandro Giani - violino

    Alessandro Giani - violino

  • Alessio Galiazzo - oboe

    Alessio Galiazzo - oboe

  • Alfredo Ridi - palcoscenico

    Alfredo Ridi - palcoscenico

  • Alfredo Vignoli - ispettore

    Alfredo Vignoli - ispettore

  • Ambra Greco - segreteria

    Ambra Greco - segreteria

  • Andrea Albori - corno

    Andrea Albori - corno

  • Andrea Gianfaldoni - uff. personale

    Andrea Gianfaldoni - uff. personale

  • Angela Asioli - violino

    Angela Asioli - violino

  • Angelo Del Rosso - servizi tecnici

    Angelo Del Rosso - servizi tecnici

  • Caterina Cioli - viola

    Caterina Cioli - viola

  • Chiara Foletto - violino

    Chiara Foletto - violino

  • Chiara Morandi - violino

    Chiara Morandi - violino

  • Cristina Ottanelli - amministrazione

    Cristina Ottanelli - amministrazione

  • Daniele Giorgi - violino

    Daniele Giorgi - violino

  • Donato De Sena - tromba

    Donato De Sena - tromba

  • Elisa Bonini - fundraising

    Elisa Bonini - fundraising

  • Flavio Giuliani - oboe

    Flavio Giuliani - oboe

  • Francesco Di Cuonzo - violino

    Francesco Di Cuonzo - violino

  • Fulvio Palmieri - accoglienza

    Fulvio Palmieri - accoglienza

  • Giorgio Battistelli - direttore artistico

    Giorgio Battistelli - direttore artistico

  • Giovanni Simeone - violoncello

    Giovanni Simeone - violoncello

  • Luca Provenzani - violoncello

    Luca Provenzani - violoncello

  • Luigi Giannoni - contrabbasso

    Luigi Giannoni - contrabbasso

  • Marcello D'Angelo - violino

    Marcello D'Angelo - violino

  • Marco Ortolani - clarinetto

    Marco Ortolani - clarinetto

  • Marco Parri - direttore generale

    Marco Parri - direttore generale

  • Marian Elleman - violino

    Marian Elleman - violino

  • Michele Marasco - flauto

    Michele Marasco - flauto

  • Morgan Tortelli - timpani

    Morgan Tortelli - timpani

  • Paolo Faggi - corno

    Paolo Faggi - corno

  • Paolo Frassinelli - servizi musicali

    Paolo Frassinelli - servizi musicali

  • Paolo Gaiani - violino

    Paolo Gaiani - violino

  • Patrizia Bettotti - violino

    Patrizia Bettotti - violino

  • Pierpaolo Ricci - viola

    Pierpaolo Ricci - viola

  • Simone Grifagni - amministrazione

    Simone Grifagni - amministrazione

  • Stefania Tombelli - segreteria

    Stefania Tombelli - segreteria

  • Stefano Battistini - violoncello

    Stefano Battistini - violoncello

  • Stefano Zanobini - viola

    Stefano Zanobini - viola

  • Susanna Pasquariello - violino

    Susanna Pasquariello - violino

  • Tiziana Goretti - segreteria

    Tiziana Goretti - segreteria

  • Umberto Codecà - fagotto

    Umberto Codecà - fagotto

  • Walter Sica - palcoscenico

    Walter Sica - palcoscenico

  • Amerigo Bernardi - contrabbasso

    Amerigo Bernardi - contrabbasso

  • Guido Guidarelli - tromba

    Guido Guidarelli - tromba

  • Marco Pistelli - violino

    Marco Pistelli - violino

  • Paolo Carlini - fagotto

    Paolo Carlini - fagotto

  • Stefano Bianchi - violino

    Stefano Bianchi - violino

  • Fabio Fabbrizzi - flauto

    Fabio Fabbrizzi - flauto

  • Paolo Malvini - ospitalità teatro

    Paolo Malvini - ospitalità teatro

  • Augusto Gasbarri - violoncello

    Augusto Gasbarri - violoncello

  • Gabriella Colombo - violino

    Gabriella Colombo - violino