Augmented Reality

ORT’s reality is … AUGMENTED!

Do you want to shift your perspective and immerse yourself in a completely new perceptual dimension? Here at ORT you can.

Following last year’s success and high levels of participation, this year once again we’re offering an initiative aimed at anyone wishing to try a totally different sensory experience.
Realtà aumentata is an opportunity to change your way of seeing and listening: during our concerts at Florence’s Teatro Verdi, four audience members will be able to take a seat onstage alongside our orchestra members and follow the concert from the string or woodwind section of the ORT, hearing the music from an unusual acoustic perspective.

“È stata un’emozione indescrivibile poter ascoltare la musica in modo completamente diverso, osservare da vicino i musicisti, scambiare quattro chiacchiere con loro prima dell’esecuzione e all’intervallo”

Emanuela e Riccardo (Firenze, 19 maggio 2015)

If you are curious to change your point of view and listening and you want to make a new musical experience, contact us and book your red armchair on the stage.

Info and booking
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