For many years the Fondazione ORT has dedicated its work to education, undertaking to educate tomorrow’s listeners by means of initiatives geared to children, young people and students, of all ages from kindergarten to high school; since last year these activities have been supported by a very special partner: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze decided to back the ORT’s programmes for the youngest listeners, thus contributing to growing future audiences.

for children in nursery and primary schools
The various activities for infant schools encompass both the theoretical aspect of information and preparation for listening, and the practical aspect of making music together. The “Concerti per le Scuole” scheme is the ORT’s oldest initiative, ongoing since its foundation in 1983 and its first two children’s operas (L’orchestra doremi and L’opera delle filastrocche), commissioned by the then artistic director, Luciano Berio. There are three productions a year, involving some 8,000 participants over the concert season, including children, teachers, parents and wider families who come together for rehearsals on Saturday afternoons (Tutti al Teatro Verdi). Preparation for appreciation of the classical repertoire performed onstage by theatre companies or through video screenings, an opportunity to explore the rules of fictional storytelling, sound and choral singing. Teaching staff can make use of educational resources including descriptions of the shows and actors who take part during the preparation phase, prior to listening. Teaching materials are made available at the time of booking and/or purchasing tickets at the Teatro Verdi box office, and can also be viewed and downloaded from our website. This initiative is part of the ‘Le Chiavi della Città‘ programme run by the Florence Municipality’s Public Education Department.

for middle-school students

The Fondazione ORT undertakes other initiatives every year aimed at students and young people, helped by the collaboration of musicologist Marco Mangani, a lecturer at the University of Ferrara and a charismatic guide for the youngsters. Two sessions in the Theatre in which students can listen to rehearsals with the conductor and soloists. The “Prove d’Orchesta” scheme is organised by Marco Mangani, who also introduces the sessions.

for high schools students

This initiative aims to educate tomorrow’s listeners and provide the essential tools for talking about music, its history and its repertoire in relation to the school curriculum. The intention is to encourage the opening of a window on the essential role plated by music in the context of western civilisation, the very context that constitutes the primary object of the history, literature and philosophy the students are engaged in studying. The scheme offers students a structured educational listening journey (in class during school hours and in the presence of the class teacher), combined with a special discounted rate for the ORT concert season. Marco Mangani, who has headed the scheme since its inception, is assisted by two young educators from the University of Florence, Marco Gallenga and Giulia Sarno, who play an essential part in the lessons.