The ORT is based in the Tuscan region performing concerts in traditional orchestral form. But in addition, the ORT also has chamber performance groups ranging from the quintet to the traditional ensemble, distributing this cultural experience in the region thanks to the collaboration of Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo .
Starting in 2015, the ORT and FTS Foundation started a successful collaboration to expand the distribution of music in the region with as needed performance that have been carefully planned and produced by ORT specifically for the different theaters of the FTS circuit.

I Solisti dell’ORT

I Solisti dell’ORT was founded in 1982 and since then has developed a vast repertoire ranging from baroque music to the classical romantic period onto the music of the 1900s. The main characteristic of the group is the versatility of its staff that, in addition to anticipating the introduction of other instruments, allows adding in all the components in solo roles. The band, first originating inside the orchestra, is now a solid ensemble with a strong cohesiveness and a personality of interpretation. This characteristic allows them to handle the most diverse repertoire such as the extraordinary performance with Richard Galliano to the prestigious Italian festivals of jazz music and on tour in France. The concert, recorded for Dreyfus in Paris, has been on the market since 1998. Together with other chamber performance groups of the ORT, the Soloists are the leaders of important music shows organized in Florence and other theaters and festivals in Tuscany. They also performed at the Conservatory “G. Verdi “in Milan for the Serate Musicali (Evening of Music) and at Teatro Caio Melisso in Spoleto.


violins Paolo Gaiani, Francesco Di Cuonzo, Chiara Foletto, Marco Pistelli, Alessandro Giani, Susanna Pasquariello
violas Stefano Zanobini, Pierpaolo Ricci
cellos Luca Provenzani, Giovanni Simeone
double bass Luigi Giannoni

For over ten years, this group has been characterized by the search for eclectic but “themed” programs ranging from the music of the sixteenth century to today’s composers using an executive and studious approach while always aiming to improve the quality of work together. This ensemble is the leader of many of the ORT’s initiatives aimed at enhancing the musical life of chamber performance groups such as Musica nei Cenacoli, I Concerti Aperitivo, I Concerti della Settimana Santa (Music in the Cenacles, Aperitif Concerts, Concerts of the Holy Week.) This ensemble is a guest of the most important summer shows. ORT Ensemble was in Varese with an unusual “Musica per due” (Music for two) program dedicated to Monteverdi, Berio, Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach. Along with Enrico Rava’s jazz-band, this ensemble performed the “Rava l’Opera Va”, a composition inspired by a music genre fusion.

concertmaster Daniele Giorgi
violins Chiara Morandi, Angela Asioli, Patrizia Bettotti, Stefano Bianchi, Gabriella Colombo, Francesco Di Cuonzo, Marian Elleman
violas Stefano Zanobini, Caterina Cioli, Alessandro Franconi
cellos Augusto Gasbarri, Stefano Battistini
double bass Amerigo Bernardi

I Fiati all’Opera
Strumentisti all’Opera … Operisti allo strumento

This is the ensemble of wind instruments. Leading this program is one of the chamber ensembles formed by first chair musicians of the Orchestra della Toscana. In this program, the Quintet offers a musical journey through some of the most beautiful pages of the operatic repertoire – Don Giovanni, Le nozze di Figaro, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Carmen, Gianni Schicchi, Tosca – transcribed for wind quintet. The character actor Alessandro Riccio recounts the unusual and captivating aspects of the life of some of the greatest composers in the history of music.

Quintetto a fiati dell’ORT
flute Fabio Fabbrizzi | oboe Alessio Galiazzo
clarinet Marco Ortolani | corno Andrea Albori
bassoon Umberto Codecà

actor Alessandro Riccio

L’ensemble d’archi dell’ORT (The Strings Ensemble of the ORT) has a sophisticated program with easy listening: Le Fantasie is dedicated to very well known opera songs by great composers written by expert violinists like Paganini and his only pupil Camillo Sivori. This coupled with the rare instrumental creations of Italian opera composers of the 1700-1800s.

Ensemble d’archi dell’ORT
violins Angela Asioli, Stefano Bianchi, Gabriella Colombo, Marcello D’Angelo, Francesco Di Cuonzo, Marian Elleman, Chiara violas Foletto, Marco Pistelli
violas Caterina Cioli, Alessandro Franconi
cellos Augusto Gasbarri, Giovanni Simeone
double bass Luigi Giannoni
violin concertmaster Chiara Morandi  

TRA BASSI e alti
Mozart e Brahms: i Grandi Quintetti

This is an exciting concert with a musical exchange between two friends who have been playing together for over 25 years and who have been passionate leading instrumentalists of the Orchestra Della Toscana. This is a concert where fun and artistic precision meet with a mix of energy and fantasy!

cello Luca Provenzani
double bass Amerigo Bernardi

Fascinated by the format of the string quartet (2 violins, 2 violas, 1 cello), Brahms pays homage some 100 years later to his Austrian predecessor with his Quintet Op.88.
The subtle, springlike atmosphere of this work contrasts with the profound drama of Mozart’s quintet, the K.516, the all-time masterpiece of chamber music. The programme opens with Mozart’s Quintet K.407, a seldom-heard piece with an unusual set-up: a horn, a violin, two violas and a cello.

violins Daniele Giorgi, Patrizia Bettotti
violas Caterina Cioli, Pier Paolo Ricci
cello Augusto Gasbarri
horn Andrea Albori

Ennio Morricone e Astor Piazzolla … compositori in eterno
L’Opera di Mozart in centrifuga

This chamber band is made up particularly of trumpets, trombones, horns, tubes and percussions all consisting of the first instrumentalists of the Orchestra della Toscana. In their more than twenty years of career they have played with the greatest conductors from Zubin Metha to Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Riccardo Muti, Myung-Whun Chung and Luciano Berio and have performed all around the world. L’ensemble di Ottoni and Percussioni dell’ORT are groups that play both the original repertoire for brass above all other genres, ranging from the important soundtracks of film to the great tangos of Astor Piazzolla. All with the aim of amusing the spectators with top-notch performances. They have performed concerts for ten years now in Italy and abroad, receiving great reception from both audiences and critics. This performance group has three released CDs, two of which are dedicated to the music for film for the record label Azzurra. The first CD had the participation of pianist Andrea Lucchesini and the third with the compositions of Astor Piazzola for Naxos. Arranger and concert master of this ensemble is Donato De Sena, the first trumpet of the ORT.

Quintetto d’Ottoni e Percussioni dell’ORT
trumpet concertmaster Donato De Sena
trumpet Guido Guidarelli
horn Paolo Faggi
trombone Fabiano Fiorenzani
basso tuba Riccardo Tarlini
percussions Roberto Bichi

soloist violin Chiara Morandi

Before the gramophone invention at the end of the nineteenth century, the only way to listen to music was live and the only forms of “reproduction” were text reductions that would allow anyone to replay the most loved music with the instruments available. Including transcripts for piano (two or four hands), small ensembles, harp, symphonies, operas and melodies to be performed by friends in the living room. This tradition precisely is embraced by the quartet “Farfalloni amorosi”, which by the sense of Mozart’s original transcripts, carries the charm of an unfortunately otherwise lost tradition.

Quartetto d’archi dell’ORT: “Farfalloni amorosi”
violini Alessandro Giani, Susanna Pasquariello
viola Stefano Zanobini
violoncello Stefano Battistini

reciter Alessandra Morellato