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    Pink Floyd Legend

    Wednesday 17 July 2024
    Vaglia, Parco Mediceo di Pratolino
    Wednesday 17 July 2024 h. 9:15 p.m.
    Pink Floyd Legend
    Orchestra della Toscana
    Duration not available yet
    Pink Floyd Legend - The Real Pink Floyd Experience

    Musart Festival
    1° sector € 43,50 + 6,50
    2° sector € 35,00 + 5,00
    3° sector € 26,00 + 4,00

    On the opening night of Musart Festival 2024 at the Parco Mediceo in Pratolino, Pink Floyd Legend will take the stage with the Orchestra della Toscana to perform songs from “The Dark Side of the Moon”, a timeless classic from 1973 that has left an indelible mark on collective memory and pop culture.
    An elaborate light show, with psychedelic soundscapes and memorable songs will be enhanced by the presence of ORT and the magical setting of Tuscany’s largest landscape park, listed as a UNESCO Heritage World Site.

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