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Membership Campaign 2019/2020

We believe that culture is a driver of local development, which enriches society and ensures a conscientious upbringing for new generations. We are convinced that music feeds the body and the spirit, contributing to the development of the younger generation through informed appreciation of the fascinating musical word we live in, a world that’s constantly changing. Our music is addressed to everyone, and offers a freedom of listening that extends through time, from past to present. We work with passion and dedication because we know that life is better with beautiful, intelligent music. We seek friends who are willing to share our task, accompany us on our journey and sustain us in our vision of a more harmonious city. Your contribution can enhance the training and educational activities we provide for the youngest citizens.

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Payment by bank transfer to the bank account
INTESA SAN PAOLO Bank s.p.a. Florence headquarters
C.C. 68471 / 1000 / 00003614
IBAN code: IT 34 N 030690 28871 00000003614
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