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YO – YO  |  Youth Orchestra Youth ORT

The Youth Orchestra – Youth ORT project is the youngest member of the ORT family. The first edition, which began in April 2017, was designed to widen the horizons of our foundation: with YO – YO the Fondazione ORT becomes a body for training and professional guidance.

Thanks to the S’Illumina competition, supported by the copyright agency SIAE and sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the ORT Foundation joins the world of young string players to offer a new opportunity that spans training and introduction to the world of work.
An academic programme in terms of content quality and teaching methods, the YO-YO advanced training course stands out for its fluidity and flexibility, personalised learning strategies, ongoing exchange of experiences and its reception in professional circles. This is a comprehensive course of personal growth and in-depth exploration of all aspects involved in the world of music, which aims to give young musicians a broad and up-to-date perspective.

The 10 participants on the course, from Italy and abroad, are Camilla, Emma, Elena, Colomba, Khulan, Tommaso, Matilde, Leonardo, Margherita and Mattia (4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 2 double basses).
The course offers them a new start: an extremely valuable training experience which will see the youngsters actively involved in the life of the Orchestra della Toscana, taking a full part in the first four concerts of the season (Inauguration concert, Enrico Dindo, Festa della Toscana, Christmas concert).

info concorsi@orchestradellatoscana.it