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    Easter Concert

    Tuesday 26 March 2024
    Sarzana (SP), Teatro degli Impavidi
    Tuesday 26 March 2024 h.
    OTTO TAUSK conductor
    Orchestra della Toscana
    Johannes Brahms / Double Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra, Op.102
    Marianna Martines / Overture in C major
    Franz Schubert / Symphony No.3, D 200
    Coming soon

    An enigmatic masterpiece, a forgotten composer, a budding composer. These are the three components (all set in Vienna) of the Easter concert entrusted to a baton at his debut on the podium of the ORT, the Dutch conductor Otto Tausk, musical director of the Vancouver Symphony orchestra and artistic consultant, in the Canadian town, of the VSO School of Music, something similar to our school in Fiesole. With Tausk are two longtime friends of our orchestra, Francesca Dego and Mario Brunello. She, a violinist present in the major symphonic and chamber seasons of Europe, the United States and Asia. He, destined for a career that could have run along the usual tracks of international concertism (First Prize “Tchaikovsky” in Moscow in 1986), does not like the beaten track. He takes his cello to play on the Dolomites, the Apuan Alps or in the desert; in an abandoned factory in his town Castelfranco Veneto, he created an artistic workshop to experiment with new forms of entertainment and cultural sharing. And it is because of this insatiable curiosity that he crosses into other musical genres and finds himself collaborating on stage with Vinicio Capossela, Uri Caine, Gianmaria Testa, with the actor Marco Paolini, the writer Alessandro Baricco, the physicist Carlo Rovelli. All three protagonists are called upon to confront with an enigmatic masterpiece, the Double Concerto by Brahms.

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